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Ramabai Ranade (1862 – 1924) is considered as pioneer of the modern women`s movement in India and outside. She was born on 25 January 1862 in Kurlekar family. Her marriage in 1873 , at the age of 11 to Justice Mahadev Govind Ranade changed her life completely. Mahadev Ranade was himself a social reformer & encouraged Ramabai to educate herself after their marriage. He taught Ramabai to learn Marathi & other languages.

Ramabai started  ’Hindu Ladies Social Club’ in Mumbai. After the tragic death of he husband in 1901 ,  Ramabi came to Pune & later on 2009 to 1900 establised Seva Sadan for rehabilitation of distressed women. Ramabai was supported by Late Gopal Krushna Deodhar , who was the first Honorary Secretary of sevasadan. This pioneering effort allowed thousands of women to become literate , self reliant & economically independent.

Ramabai knew that educating women will improve their social status & she encouraged them to take professions like nursing . Ramabai had to fight against orthodox social environment to encourage young girls & widows to take up nursing as a profession.

Ramabai’s continuous efforts led to the rapid growth of Seva sadan though the social environment was not very supportive. In her autobiography , आमच्या आयुष्यातील काही आठवणी  , Ramabai described the efforts required in a society which opposed women’s right to equal status & education.

In the initial days sevasadan was meant for widows & divorcees. With changing times Sevasadan has also evolved in a institution with a difference & has started High School , Junior College , Adult primary & High School , Pre primary & Primary Marathi medium school . D Ed college , Girls Hostel , sheltered workshop for mentally challenged children , English Medium Co Ed pre Primary , Primary & High School.

Future activities :

Sevasadan management is planning to expand their activities in the field of education by starting a language institute , technical courses  , vocational courses , etc.


Committee Members

Smt Shashitai Korloskar President
Dr. Dinkar Dhamdhere Vice President
Dr Smt Sheelatai Mistry Vice President
Shri Shreedhar Patankar Chairman School Comitee
Shri Prabhakar.Ketkar Treasurer
Shri Nitin Lele Member
Shri Prabhakar Godse Member
Shri Madhukar Gandhare Member
Dr. Smt Mrunalini Sattur Chairman School Comitee
Smt Varsha Paranjape Chairman School Comitee
Smt Ashwini Ganu Member
Shri Ajeya Bhave Member
Shri Chintamani Patwardhan Administrative Officer