In 1911,Ramabai Ranade Started in her own house shelter  for girls and named it  Sevasadan Vastigruha.Then this vastigruha was shifted to Laxmi road. Here girls between the age group of 10 and above were given shelter.

Girls,elder girls,widow,divorsee,backword class and orphans of different castes entered the vastigruha.

At present school girls,Ardhanadar,Nadar and Backward Class,Sevasadan College,Other College and D.Ed.College are staying.

Paying or non paying girls are not differentiated in their meals.

Gudipadwa,Nagpanchami,Rakshabandhan,Ganeshotsav, Dushera,Kojagiri,Diwali and Hostel Day are celebrate here.T.V.,Library,News paper,Books etc.facilities are provided in the hostel.

Different types of sports are arranged here as well as good manners are inculcated in the girls.

In this Sevasadan Vastigruha the hostel suprintendent is Vaishali Chande handles her work with her best knwoledge, strictness and respect with the help of metrens & office staff.

The president of Sevasadan Society Smt.Shashitai Kirloskar,Vice president Dr.Shri.Dhamdhere,Administrative Officer Shri.Patwardhan are helping for this vastigruha and its development.

Facililities Provided from Sevasadan Vastigruha :-

    1. Morning Tea
    2. Hot water for Bathing
    3. Bed & a Cupboard
    4. Breakfast every Sunday morning
    5. Sumptuous Meals : twice a day & sweet dish is given twice a month



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