In 1909 , realizing the importance & necessity of educating women, Late Ramabai Ranade, wife of justice Mahadev Govind Ranade laid the foundation of Pune Sevasadan Society  at her own residence.

Our school was started in 1928 with the objective of education to girls in every cast and community. We have a junior college for Arts & Commerce stream since 1978. More than 1500 students study in our school.

Our teachers are educated, efficient & enthusiastic & they use new technologies, various methodologies while teaching. We have well equipped computer room , science laboratories & library. In our Audio –Visual room ,  students get opportunities to watch videos, films supportive to concepts in various subjects.

Curricular activities help students in conceptual understanding. Every Wednesday students conduct science study circle. Students perform experiments outside the curriculum , make science toys, play games  through which they gain knowledge & skill of communication. Field trips are arranged where students learn to identify birds, trees & are also told about preservation of nature & its importance.

Organisation of  ‘Maths Jatra’helps students in easy ways of calculation  mentioned in vedic maths.  Teachers organize various games to teach basic concepts of mathematics.

We promote Environmental awareness amongst students by conducting different programmes.  We give information about plastic pollution, preparing manure using biodegradable waste,  preparation of natural colours for Rang Panchami, preparation of natural cosmetics & develop eco friendly attitude amongst students. Students are encouraged to make different attractive & useful things out of waste.

We celebrate Nag panchami, Diwali, Guru Pournima etc. in our school .  Students are encouraged to participate in various essay , quiz , elocution competitions .

We also organize guest lecture by experts in various fields , interviews of successful personalities, interactive session with scientists . Students visit institutions like  NCL, IUCAA.

We train our students in shooting ball , volley ball & other sports. Our students participate in many interschool competitions & win medals for the school. They also participate in Yagosana, Surya Namaskar competitoions.

Teachers make extra efforts to develop a sense of aesthetics among students by taking part in activities like Dance, Drama, Music, Drawing etc. They take active participation in all cultural activities.

Students are encouraged to share their problems & feelings through counseling sessions.


Head Mistress : Mrs. Kanchan Abnave

B.Sc ( Home Science ) , B.Ed ( Science , Maths ) ,

M.A. ( Sociology )


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