In 1909 , realizing the importance & necessity of educating women, Late Ramabai Ranade, wife of justice  M.G.Ranade ,  laid the foundation of Pune Sevasadan Society  at her own residence.

Sevasadan Society took lead in the field of adult women education & in 1972 ,  established a High School named “Smt. Ramabai Ranade High School for Adult Women, Pune.”

Girls & women between the age of 14 – 50 take education in this school.

Many times girls & women are forced to discontinue education for various different reasons. This school  gives them a chance to start their education again.  While studying many students do part time jobs but there is burning desire to continue & complete their education.

Our students are mainly adult women, orphans, divorcee, girls from rural area, widows and girls from the backward class .


Std 5 +  Std 6  = 1 year

Std 7 +  Std 8  = 1 year

Std 9  = 1 year

10th = 1 year

A team of 5  teachers  & 5 members of the non teaching staff are into educating these girls & women .

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