Dilasa Kendra

In 1909 , realizing the importance & necessity of educating women, Late Ramabai Ranade, wife of justice  M.G.Rande  laid the foundation of Pune Sevasadan Society  at her own residence.

In 1982 Sevasadan started ‘ DILASA ‘,  a school for Mentally Challenged Children, since it was the need of the hour for the special children .

Dilasa literally means  ‘ relief ‘ , a relief to the parents of these special children .  Dilasa is working hard for upgrading the life of mentally disabled children.  At present 52 boys & 48 girls between the age of 6 to 18 are learning here.

For Mentally Challanged  adults, above 18 , Sevasadan runs a sheltered workshop Dilasa  Karyashala in Erandawana.

To impart formal education to these special children is very difficult ,

since the present academic curriculum is rigid to accommodate them.

A team of  9special teachers 6craft teachers & 3 class helpers in ‘ Dilasa ‘ are into educating these children. They are well supported by the Head Mistress &the office staff , also the bus driver,his assistant & a watchman

Aims & objectives of the Dilasa Kendra are as follows…

1)  To bring about overall development of the students.

2)  To make a student self reliant & self confident

3)  To give pre vocational training

4)  To create social awareness

5)  Guidance to parents

6)  Educate student by following ADL method

(ADL Academic & Daily Living )


A convenient central location, well trained staff, school bus, nutritious diet, visiting doctors are some of the  highlights of  Dilasa.  Apart from formal education,special efforts are taken to train students in various sports,music,drama ,dance & drawing activities.

Our students & teachers have made us proud by winning laurels outside. In 2007 Gauri Gadgil, a student from our school represented India  in Special Olympics at China & won Sliver Medal in swimming.

Sports teacher Shree Ashok Jadhav paticipated in Floor Hockey Event as special coach  in  Special Olympics World Winter Game2013 held in South Korea Olympics .

Our students show outstanding performance in various competitions held by different organizations and  bring laurels to the  school .


Head Mistress : Mrs Sucheta Phase

B.Hsc(Home Science),

D.T.M.R.(Diploma in Teaching M.R.),

H.R.O.(Diploma in Human Resource Optimization)


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