Dilasa Karyashala


  • Founded in 1984


  • Aims of the institute :

a)     Rehabilitation of special adults.

b)    Self reliance through work and practice

c)     Integrated development of special adults.

d)    Social awareness programmes.

  • Students strength  – 76.
  • No. of teachers – 5
  • Activities :

Generally, the special students are engaged in production of various items in the morning.  In the afternoon, they play games like cricket, carrom and few indoor games.  They also take part in learning yoga, art of living (satsang & pranayam), dance and various creative activities.

  • Cultural Programmes :

Sevasadan Dilasa Karyashala is a workshop for mentally challenged adults.  Every year National Mentally Challenged Day (8th December) is celebrated.  From 3rd December to 8th December we conduct following activities :

a)     Entertainment programmes.

b)    Dinner for the students

c)     Prize distribution ceremony

Throughout the year we organize various cultural programmes like

a)     Guru Pournima

b)    Ganpati Pratisthapana

c)     Shrawani Shukrawar

d)    Rakshabandhan

e)     Dahi Handi

f)      Bhondla

g)     Khandenavmi

h)    Diwali

i)       Chaitra haldi kunku.

  • Learning in Classroom :

Special adults in our workshop work in following different sections.

a)     Making of paper bowls

b)    Making of various food products

c)     Baking

d)    Sorting of Papers

e)     Producing essential food items in a farm.

Learning of these types of vocational activities helps them further in becoming self reliant, independent.  They are also taught packing, weighing, entering details like weight, date etc. on stickers, roasting food grains, operating simple machines etc.

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